Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mammaw (Myrtle Groft's) parents and grandparents


Meet Jerome Henry Groft and Annie Marie Smith, parents of Myrtle (aka Mammaw) Groft Staub.  I don't know the exact date that the photo was taken but it had to be before 1897, as Annie died that year.  The occasion for this photo also is not known.  What I do know is the generous contributor of this photo ... Gloria Staub.  Thank you, Gloria, for sharing your heritage with everyone.

The photo below is of Myrtle's grandparents John Henry Smith and Anna Maria Groft - yes, the Smith/Groft connection!  I am sure that you can determine who John and wife Anna are, but do you see Annie Marie?  She is standing to the left rear of her mother.  Well, at least I think that would be her.  Impressive to say the least. 

And note the Smith/Groft connections.  Same families both times.  When I printed a pedigree chart, it was awesome to see how the three families came together.  And, the data that I have entered into my database is quite confusing at times. 

What I need now are photos of Helen Wilt and husband Joseph Smith, Vitus Joseph Smith with wife Margaret Ann Murren, and Francis James Smith with wife Agnes Fleshman.  Can anyone help to find these photos, or tell me who to contact? 

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