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A year ago my genealogy research began with the Staub Family Tree.  It is difficult to just limit my search to one family, when the Staub line includes three others and nearly as large.  So it is only fitting that I include the Wilt Family and, today with this post, I have this to share.

I found a hard-bound Wilt family genealogy book, that possibly connects Helen Wilt's family to a much larger German ancestry and local Wilt families. What I have found so far is interesting and worth sharing about Helen's grandfather, Ephraim Wilt. (It would be my luck to learn that someone else already knows this about the Wilt family, but I am having fun finding out for myself.

Born on January 24, 1837 to Isaac and Elizabeth Wilt, Ephraim (no middle name has popped up yet), his life is sketchy. The Wilt's largely belonged to the Reformed Church in the Littlestown area. Ephraim was baptized on February 8, 1837, at Emmanual's Reformed Church, Hanover.

On October 16, 1862, Ephraim enlisted in the Army. He mustered in (military jargon for enlisting) at Hollidaysburg, PA, on June 18, 1864 as Private with Company G-165 Infantry, serving as Wagoner. Later he transferred to Company C, 3rd Prov. Calvary, on 14 Jul 1965. He mustered out on 31 Oct 1965.

Ephraim married Mary J. Sipling on December 3, 1861. They had 6 children - Henry Elmer (Helen's dad), George William, Isaac Ebenezer, Charles E., Harvey S., and John Sylvester. Only two lived a full life into the 1950s. Ephraim is noted in the Census reports as working as a farmer.

At age 73 Ephraim's health was bad and he received medical care at the U. S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Dayton, Ohio. Ephraim died on March 18, 1925, at the home of Henry. His wife, Mary, died on December 9, 1895, at age 57. The first illustration below is of a Military History.  His health was pretty bad and he was diagnosed with typical failing health - loss of teeth, rheumatism, hernia, and much more.

Ephraim is buried in Littlestown in the Mount Carmel Cemetery. Most of the Wilt clan burial records reveal that they are buried in Christ Reformed Church Cemetery, also located in Littlestown. A Civil War marker and flag marks his monument. 

Buried at this site are his wife, Mary J., and two sons, George William (died at age 4 in 1871) and Isaac Ebenezer (died at age 2 in 1871), both who died within 6 days of each other. 

The headstones marking each of their burial sites are deteriorating and broken off from the footer itself. It is sad to see this poor condition of Ephraim and his family. If you look closely at the monument below and to the lower right of the stone, you can see something sticking out; these are the headstones that are propped up against the monument.  (I have been looking into how to obtain funding and help in restoring deteriorated headstones.  If interested, you may contact me.)

My search continues into the Wilt family tree. Your knowledge and information about them is much appreciated and will be added to my data. At the conclusion of my digging around in files and cemeteries, I will gladly share all that I have learned in a printed format.

This headstone was found at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Littlestown, PA. The monument marks the grave site for Ephraim, his wife Mary, and sons George and Isaac.

George W. Wilt, son to Ephraim and Mary, is propped up against the larger monument. All of the four headstones are broken off the footer and in bad condition

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