Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Genealogy an ongoing process

There is a saying that genealogists share...
our work will be done when we go to our graves.   

It is May and, before we know it, the Staub Family Reunion will be here!

Last year Mike displayed the descendants of John and Mammaw.  I had one or two updates to the book, and would like for some way to have everyone update their family group. I tried to send a copy in this blog, but I can only send a digital photograph.  That being said, on to Plan B.

I will print family group sheets for each family, have them on display asking for everyone to take time to update their respective family group sheet.  I can promise you that this information will not be published on the Internet.  I will not be held responsible for other people's actions, but do request, per my disclosure below, that I be notified should someone want to share via the Internet or other social media.

About two years ago I had the entire Staub descendants from Adam Staub printed at Staples.  That book is over 1600 pages double sided, and too heavy to cart around.  Not only that, I continually update the data in the book.  Some day I would  like to create a DVD for each family to share with their descendants.  It is a rich ancestry of where your family came from.

Note...I volunteer in the reading library for the York County Heritage Trust.  In just the past year I have encountered several people who mentioned that they are part of the Staubs from Brushtown.  I continue to get online requests for help from people who actually find this blog.  I continue to be amazed!

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