Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Tribute to our Country Heroes

Veterans Day is coming soon and in honor of all our family military heroes, I think I speak for many of our family members....

Thank you for your service to America.  

About a year ago I began yet another volunteering gig with Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hanover on Baltimore Street.  It has been a rewarding experience learning about our town's silent heroes and citizens.  In the accounts written about Mount Olivet Cemetery, numerous times the cemetery was called the 'city of the dead.'  I can see why, with over 14,000 buried within the cemetery.
I mention Mount Olivet Cemetery because in the upcoming weeks, two events will be held at the cemetery at the Victory Garden.  
  • The God Bless America Motorcycle Honor Guard will hold an observance to our Veterans on Sunday, November 8 at 2 PM.  
  • Wreaths Across America will again be holding their event on Saturday, December 12 beginning at 11:50 AM. I attended this event last year. It made me proud to see many young adults participating and placing wreaths at the numerous Veterans graves.  I believe the count is about 1,437!  
Why not plan to attend one or both of these events, perhaps bringing your children or grandchildren with you.  If you have a Scout in your family, I know that there are badges to be earned on history, genealogy, etc.  Cemeteries are living museums!

Now for my two-second commercial...Want to learn more about the 2016 events at Mount Olivet Cemetery?  Visit the Friends of Mount Olivet Cemetery website, follow us on Facebook