Thursday, December 4, 2014

Your help is needed - Finding Elmer

A few weeks ago a lady contacted me via this blog. Her request was to learn about her great-grandfather, Joseph William Staub, born in 1864 in the Adams County, Pennsylvania area and died in Akron Ohio in 1933. 

Joseph was the eldest son to Austin Augustus Staub and his wife Mary Ann Weaver.  One of Joseph's siblings was Louis Raphael Staub, aka Bull Durham. 

Joseph married a Lucretia Lindsey from the Johnstown, Pennsylvania area about 1888.  They had a son, Elmer, about 1889.  Then the Johnstown floods happened and from that point the family mystery began.  Joseph moved to the Akron, Ohio area, remarried, and Elmer was last noted in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census and living with his dad and step mother.

The lady who contacted me said that family members told her that Elmer changed his name, and became a mystery.  The assumed name Elmer used was John Joseph Edwards.

So..... to make this request a bit more realistic, Joseph William Staub had a brother, Paul Augustus who would be Austin Staub Jr.'s (wife, Darlene Felix) grandfather

If anyone can help link me to a living relative to the Joseph William family (his siblings are long dead by now), I would appreciate it very much. 

The lady who contacted me mentioned that this is very important to her, as it is deep and personal, and she wants to leave this legacy to her daughter. I hope that I can give her some clues, or information that will fill in the missing pieces.

Social media is a wonderful too, if used for a good cause.

Thank you everyone! 

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