Friday, January 18, 2013

I could use your help ...

... It has been an interesting two years researching the Staub family, and I am still amazed at what I am finding. This would not have been possible without the help of Jean Staub, who started this research and who lives in York, and Gloria Staub who lent me her Staub book. Now I could use some help from you.

  • Military - I have found Staub ancestors back though the Revolutionary War. I would love to hear from you about Staub family members who served and details like when they served, where they served, company information, medals earned, etc. Photos would be cool, too.
  • Religious - A few generations ago it was not uncommon for several members of a family to enter a religious order. You may not know names of those ancestors who became a nun or priest or their order, but if you could help me with a resource (s), I would appreciate it.
  • Nicknames - Did you ever wonder how someone got their nickname? Ben Staub alluded to how Raymond "Bo" Staub Jr. got his nickname. Now I want to research how Mammaw's kids and grandkids got their nicknames. Can you help?
  • Stories - I know along the way you heard an interesting story retold about when your mom or dad was young. This, too, I would love to add to this database.
You are probably wondering, why?
  • At some point in time I hope to give a PDF file to the eldest of Mammaw's children's on a CD. I probably will not post to in the near future, and if I do, all living descendants names will not be made public. That is a promise.
  • I may even post that a family tree is available upon request. allows that option. However, until I cite sources for as many ancestors that are in my database, this may not happen in my lifetime.
So, if anyone can help me with one or several of my requests, I would be greatly appreciative. I would like you to send any information to my email address,, and not post to Facebook.

Again, thanks for sharing with me. Also, if you can think of anyone on Facebook who I can ask to become friends and to add to this group, please send me their names.