Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mr. Manners

No, Mr. Manners was not related to Ann Landers.  Nor did he write a book on etiquette, and this really cute doggy is not 'Mr. Manners.'

I learned about this 'Mr. Manners' when researching a Valentine Wilt, who may have been the ancestor that the Wilt family, aka Helen Wilt's great, great, great......I haven't counted back that far yet.  Valentine Wilt settled in the York, Pennsylvania area and was quite wealthy.  Evidently he donated money to several Catholic churches, St. Patrick's in York would be one.  His will stipulated that his widow continue to donate 5 pounds annually to a 'Mr. Manners' from the Adams County area.

Now, Mike knew of 'Mr. Manners' and that this was a real person, but 'Manners' was not his given name.  Does anyone care to guess?  The name was assumed to protect himself from non-Catholics at this time in history.

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