Monday, July 23, 2012

Snapshot of Private Leo J. Staub

A few weeks ago, Mike and Bo had lunch at the Knights of Columbus in McSherrystown.  Mike came home and said that someone was sending him a JPEG image of the original Civil War discharge paper for Leo J. Staub, Sr.  Of course, I got excited!  Now that I have the image, I want to share this with the Staub family.  I apologize for the lengthy explanation, but I can't just share a photo without telling the story, now can I?!

Leo, 4th generation descendant of John Adam Staub who immigrated from Germany to America in the mid 1700s, was born in 1826 and died March 27, 1899. He and his wife Catharine are buried in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery, New Oxford. Their 5th child, James Augustin Staub, was the father to John Lawrence Staub, married to Myrtle 'Mammaw' (Groft) Staub. 

Leo mustered in on the 29th day of August, 1864, at age 38.  His beloved wife, Catharine, and eight children, remained behind waiting for his return one year later, the 3rd day of August 1865.  He served as a Private with Company C, the 202nd Regiment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Leo returned home to his wife, children, and farming.   Three more children followed after his return. 

You probably wonder why I am telling you all of this.  It helps to know how, in the scheme of things, who this Leo was and how he is related to you.  Below is a short outline.

  1. Johannes (John) Adam Staub  (1717-1773) buried in Conewago Chapel Cemetery
  2. Jacobus (John) Adam Staub  (1750-1821) buried in Conewago Chapel Cemetery; also the oldest remaining Staub headstone in the cemetery
  3. William Staub (1799-1852)
  4. Leo J. Staub  (1826-1899) buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery
  5. James Augustin Staub (1856-1917) buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery
  6. John Lawrence Staub, Sr. (1890-1948) buried in Conewago Chapel Cemetery
The discharge paper above is available to you as a JPEG.   Just send me an email, and I will share it with you. The owner of this original document is James William Staub, Jr., aka. Snook?  I think this is correct.  Bo and Mike can clarify that for you. 
In summary, I enjoy digging in old files looking for interesting facts about our family past.  I hope you enjoy learning about these as I find them. 

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