Friday, February 10, 2012

Twiddling thumbs?

Since my last post one might wonder, how is Mary doing with this Staub research?  Did Mary take up twiddling her thumbs like Mammaw Staub? 

Well, I had a slight setback and couldn't sit at my computer for very long.  Then I got sidetracked and began to explore another family - the Wilt line.  If you are a Smith, you will know what this means. 

I can report that I am back on track, close to the end of the Staub Family Tree book, Volume I.  I don't know how many pages I have typed, but the total number of records to date is 24,000 and growing.  Slower, but growing.

How is this growing slower?  You would have to see the book to understand.  It is on file at the John Timon Reily Historic Society, if you are interested.  But the last section is an overlap of the previous sections.  Families are connecting - lots of Staub and Smiths and Grofts intermarried, and it is still happening.  No surprise, right? 

I started the Staub research about a year ago.  Next I want to add photos of your ancestors and visit the Adams County deed office to find land titles.  I am nosey, right?

My son Justin and daughter-in-law Jess gave me a fun gift for Christmas.  It is the DVD creator for my software so I can bring this history to your computer or to the television.  Perhaps one day we can convince the Staub men to not turn on the TV at the reunion and watch the video!

I am sure that what I am doing is not exciting right now.  I felt compelled to give you an update on what I am doing, and warn you that I will begin asking for photos.

Now, if anyone wants to be a part of my adventure in finding photos, I would like to hear from you and partner up. 

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